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Medium hardness Bath Glove  Develi ®

Medium hardness Bath Glove Develi ®



Medium hardness Bath Glove used in baths and bathrooms. The product reacts like a tree when it contact with water .It has a hardening and swollen texture.

How to use?

Should be used after cleansing your body from cosmetic residues with the help of natural soap. Wash the product with plenty of hot water before use. Massage from bottom to top without applying too much pressure. Wash the product frequently as the product will remove dead skin during massage but do not let your body contact water during the massage. After the massage is finished, wash your body with a natural soap.


Do not use the product on the wound or irritated areas of your body.

Do not wash the product with chemicals or washing machine. Use only hot water for cleaning it.

This product is a personal product Do not use with others

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