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Anti-Cellulite  Bath Glove Develi ®

Anti-Cellulite Bath Glove Develi ®


Develi bath & hamam pouch, which prevents the formation of cellulite with regular and frequent use and helps it to return to its natural state in time. Its special formula internal structure hardens and becomes ready for use after its composition with water. It helps to renew and have a healthier appearance.

How to Use a Bath Glove?

The frequency and severity of the bath bladder application is determined by the user according to the usage habits beforehand. For those who will use it for the first time, it is recommended to start by applying to the whole body for about 15-20 minutes once a week. It should be avoided to apply to sensitive areas where your skin is very thin.

First of all, the body should be cleaned first with plenty of hot water as possible to open all the pores on our skin. It is not recommended to use any soap, shampoo or body lotion during this period. With only hot water, the body is cleansed and time is allowed for the pores to open. After the pores are opened and the body is suitable for the pouch, the Develi ® Bath Pouch is rinsed with hot water and made ready for use. Produced from natural raw materials, Develi ® Hammam Scrub, thanks to its special formula, becomes firmer and hardens by reacting when the same tree sees water as a result of contact with water. No other cosmetic product is applied on the bath glove, nor can it be used with soap or body shampoo.

The pouch that is ready for use should be applied in the direction of the blood circulation of our body. (from every point to the heart). The palm of our hand with the pouch should be stretched and the contact area of ​​the pouch on the body should be increased. Thanks to the specially formulated internal structure developed by the camel pouch, dead skin and dirt are removed without consuming too much effort. The pouch that gets dirty during the application can be cleaned with hot water and squeezed and the application can be continued.

After the scrub is applied, the whole body is cleaned with hot water. Then, fiber application can be made using a natural soap.

Bath washcloths are personal items of use, and they are not recommended to be shared with other people. It is produced using natural raw materials. It does not contain petroleum-based, chemical threads (nylon, polyester). For this reason, an allergic reaction is not expected in the body. It is recommended to consult your doctor in case of an allergic reaction

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