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100% Herb Hair Natural Cellulite Brush Set

100% Herb Hair Natural Cellulite Brush Set


100% Herb Hair Cellulite Brush Set Develi 1973 Content;

1 Herb Hair Cellulite Brush,

1 Silk Blended Cellulite and Body Scrub,

1 Natural Face Scrub,

1 Piece Boxwood Non-Frizz-Free Wooden Comb,

1 Natural Turkish Bath Scented Mini Soap


Weed Hair Cellulite Brush helps to stop cellulite formation and regain a healthy appearance by providing tightening in cellulite areas in regular and continuous use.

Our 100% Grass bristle brush does not contain pig hair or a synthetic raw material.

How to use?

100% Grass Hair Brush is applied on the skin with a wet brushing technique. So the skin should be wet or moist. It is recommended to be used twice a day, in the morning and evening.

The recommended technique for using the grass brush is to start from the foot and move towards the heart. In the abdominal area, the brush is moved counterclockwise. For brushing to be efficient, it must be spread over the whole body. It is recommended to be used before bathing.

Thanks to brushing, the body releases toxins. For this reason, one should not neglect the inner leg and armpit. If starting from the shoulders or arms, downward movements are made.

Application should be gentle so that the skin is not irritated. Depending on the usage habit, the application time and hardness can be increased. Thus, blood flow is accelerated. After brushing, care is completed with a moisturizer suitable for the skin.

It should never be applied to the treated, burned and injured skin.

Our 100% Weed bristle brush is a personal use product, it is not recommended to share it with anyone else.

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